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The record management survey

In order to determine your organisations records management requirements it is necessary to perform a survey. The surveys determines...

What is Record Management?

Records Management ensures that an organization can find what they need when they need it in a cost effective manner. Records must be maintained throughout a lifecycle that...

Why should I do it?

There are three primary reasons for maintaining business records.
1. Regulatory Compliance...
2. Litigation Avoidance...
3. Best Business Practic...

Welcome to Stronghold Data Solutions

Stronghold Data Solutions is a subsidiary of the Prism Group of Companies the Caribbean's leading provider of outsourced business services. Prism has offices in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados.

Our core business is records management for companies in the Caribbean. We operate a commercial record centre that provides storage and retrieval of business records for our clients. Essentially our clients will outsource the ‘custodianship’ of their business records to our safe, secure climate controlled environment.
Is your information securely stored, archived, and protected?
Are your records are accurately filed and archived to facilitate quick retrieval if a compliance issue arises?
Is your company’s data readily available and accessible to those who need it from anywhere?
Could you be saving time and money while focusing on core competencies by outsourcing the management of your records information?
If the response to any of these questions is NO Stronghold has data solutions to meet your company’s needs .
From the smallest to the largest company-, we can streamline your important business records by sorting, storing, archiving, indexing, retrieving, and delivering what you need with security and efficiency.

Business records hold tremendous operational, financial and legal value. However, they also generate risks, with cost and management challenges.

Stronghold’s comprehensive records management and storage solutions anticipate and address the needs of customers of all sizes in the Caribbean. Our services empower them to manage rising storage, labor and administrative expenses while also applying a robust litigation-readiness focus to records management.

Document Management Solutions

Stronghold Data Solutions can provide the comprehensive, integrated paper and electronic information management services your company needs. We enable you to:
Increase the speed of information queries
Eliminate the threat of lost or damaged documents
Reduce the time needed to file documents
Drastically decrease the need for storage space
Ultimately save your company thousands of dollars in wasted time and manpower!



A member of ARMA International and PRISM International

Partners and Associates AMCHAM Jamaica Comodo PSOJ Jamaica Prism International ARMA
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